20+ Modern Stainless Steel Stair Railing Design Ideas

A staircase can appear to be a basic way of passage between floors, but if it’s located in your house’s front hallway or foyer, it can actually set the tone for your house’s whole design scheme. Refinish Refinishing your staircase is just one of the simplest approaches to update its look. Moreover, the total staircase matches nicely with the peach yellow walls. Though a wooden staircase might have a traditional appearance, there’s something striking about wrought-iron stairs that may add a great deal of drama to your house. If you are in possession of a closed staircase, think about adding wainscoting to the wall on both sides of the actions to provide the stairs a more polished appearance.

Spray paint is generally the ideal option when painting wrought-iron staircase railing buy a formula developed for metal to attain the ideal finish. It isn’t necessary to eliminate lead-based paint on walls if it’s intact, but you have to get rid of any paint that’s chipped or flaking. Repainting Lead-based paint that’s in good shape and that isn’t on a region of the wall which arrives into friction with any other part like paint that’s on window frames can be safely painted over.

If you would rather have a different appearance, follow the exact same notion but focus on another style building. If you would like to present your staircase a modern appearance, think about using simple wrought iron balusters instead of standard wood. Add Molding If you would like to provide your open staircase a more dramatic appearance, think about adding decorative molding.

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